Building XEmacs 21.1.14 on a Mandrake Linux 8.2 System

I recently ran in to a couple of problems building XEmacs 21.1.14 under Mandrake Linux 8.2. While running configure, I got the following:

*** PANIC *** The C compiler can no longer build working executables.
*** PANIC *** Please examine the tail of config.log for runtime errors.
*** PANIC *** The most likely reason for this problem is that configure
*** PANIC *** links with shared libraries, but those libraries cannot be
*** PANIC *** found at run time.
*** PANIC ***
*** PANIC *** On a Linux system, edit /etc/ and re-run ldconfig.
*** PANIC *** On other systems, try telling configure where to find the
*** PANIC *** shared libraries using the --site-runtime-libraries option
*** PANIC ***
*** PANIC *** Another way to shoot yourself in the foot is to specify
*** PANIC *** --with-FEATURE when FEATURE is not actually installed
*** PANIC *** on your system. Don't do that.

After a little digging, it was found that the presence of WINE was the culprit. Apparently, configure got fooled into thinking it was running on a Windows machine. The solution was to rename /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib) to something like libgdi32.tmp before running configure. After renaming, configure ran fine and make seemed to work.

Unfortunately xemacs would die horrible death if run under X. The solution to this problem was to rerun configure with following option: ‘–ldflags=-z nocombreloc’ (and of course remaking the whole thing). Now everything works fine.

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