Linux on a Toshiba Satellite A45-S130: Part II

Part II – Electric Boogaloo

In Part I, our intrepid hero used Knoppix’s Linux Live CD to determine that the Toshiba Satellite A45-S130 would run Linux without any problems with incompatible hardware. At the end of Part I, we were led to believe our hero would next repartition the hard drive and possibly install Mandrake Linux1.

First of all, I was unable to get the free partition tools to work. I resorted to using Partition Magic 8.0 to do the job.2 Secondly, I decided to just install Knoppix on the hard disk and it was easy enough to make it look more or less like a standard Debian3 installation. The end result is I have a fully functional laptop running Linux which I’ve been using since September 2004

  1. I currently have Mandrake installed on a Pentium 233.
  2. Honestly, I really didn’t spend to much time getting the free partitioning tools to work since I already had Partition Magic. I also wanted to preserve the Windows XP partition because I occasionally have to use Windows for work.
  3. I have Debian installed on a 486 (try installing a recent MS OS on a 486!)

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