USB to Gameport Adapter

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USB to 15 Pin Joystick Gameport Converter Adapter

USB to 15 Pin Joystick Gameport Converter Adapter

I was looking for a way to use my old Thrustmaster Pro Flight Control System Joystick to play X-Wing and TIE Fighter on my Linux system using DOSBox.

The joystick is recognized by Linux and games running via DOSBox.

Here’s the joystick section of the DOSBox configuration file I use:

# auto, fcs, or 4axis causes the joystick to drift in TIE Fighter
# timed=false is required for TIE Fighter

C++ Functions to Evaluate Laguerre Polynomials

C++ functions which evaluate Laguerre polynomials

    template <class T> T L0(const T& x);

    template <class T> T L1(const T& x);

    template <class T> T Ln(unsigned int n, const T& x);

This project can now be found on GitHub:
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