The C Programming Language – Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie

The C++ Programming Language – Bjarne Stroustrup

Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms – James O. Coplien

C++ IOStreams Handbook – Steve Teale

The ACE Programmer’s Guide: Practical Design Patterns for Network and Systems Programming – Stephen D. Huston, James CE Johnson, & Umar Syyid

Lex & Yacc – John R. Levine, Tony Mason & Doug Brown

Programming Perl – Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Jon Orwant

CGI Programming with Perl – Scott Guelich, Shishir Gundavaram, Gunther Birznieks & Linda Mui

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide – David Flanagan

numerical analysis

Numerical Analysis: A Practical Approach – Melvin J. Maron

An Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements – John R. Taylor

PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine : A Users’ Guide and Tutorial for Network Parallel Computing – Al Geist, Adam Beguelin & Jack Dongarra

Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches – Simon Monk

Arduino Cookbook – Michael Margolis

The Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing’s Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine – Charles Petzold

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