C++ Functions to Evaluate Laguerre Polynomials

C++ functions which evaluate Laguerre polynomials L0(x):     template <class T> T L0(const T& x); L1(x):     template <class T> T L1(const T& x); Ln(x):     template <class T> T Ln(unsigned int n, const T& x); This project can now be found on GitHub: – Laguerre-polynomials – HTTPS Clone URL: https://github.com/jachappell/Laguerre-polynomials.git – Download ZIP

C++ Functions to Evaluate Chebyshev Polynomials

Here’s some C++ functions which evaluate Chebyshev polynomials: Chebyshev Polynomials of the first kind: T0(x):     template <class T> T T0(const T& x); T1(x):     template <class T> T T1(const T& x); T2(x):     template <class T> T T2(const T& x); Tn(x):     template <class T> T Tn(unsigned int n, const T& x); Chebyshev Polynomials of the second kind: … Continue reading “C++ Functions to Evaluate Chebyshev Polynomials”

Matrix Template Library

While rewriting some data analysis software I developed many years ago (the original was written in K & R C, the new version will be written in C++), I stumbled upon The Matrix Template Library (MTL). MTL is a library that provides comprehensive linear algebra functionality for a wide variety of matrix formats. I was … Continue reading “Matrix Template Library”

Two Free Computer Algebra Systems

A few months ago I was looking for a free computer algebra system (CAS). For some reason (probably I wasn’t really looking hard enough), I didn’t find anything that the bill. Yesterday, while updating Cygwin on my Windows box at work, I saw a link to something called Mathomatic. I turns out that Mathomatic is … Continue reading “Two Free Computer Algebra Systems”

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