Hewlett-Packard looks to end support for OpenVMS in 2020

OpenVMS, R.I.P.: 1977-2020? Hewlett-Packard looks to end support for OpenVMS, a system long valued for its reliability and break-through features, in 2020. There’s an entire generation of people who were born, graduated college and are well into their IT careers, who may have no idea that this OS, introduced in October 1977 by Digital Equipment … Continue reading “Hewlett-Packard looks to end support for OpenVMS in 2020”


Having spent a lot of time working with VMS, I have mixed feelings about FreeVMS: Goals The VMS (Virtual Memory System) operating system is available only on VAX, Alpha and Itanium processors, and in spite of its undeniable qualities, its future seems uncertain. The FreeVMS project tends to the coding of an operating system under … Continue reading “FreeVMS”

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