festoon – memo writer Festoon prepares a memorandum on any undesired topic, containing length sentences (default is 20) and a specified percent of manufactured nouns (default is 5), suitable for input to troff(1). Options -p -e -t (which may be concatenated as -pet ) create pointless pictures, nonsensical equations and useless tables, respectively. I remember … Continue reading “Festoon”

Hewlett-Packard looks to end support for OpenVMS in 2020

OpenVMS, R.I.P.: 1977-2020? Hewlett-Packard looks to end support for OpenVMS, a system long valued for its reliability and break-through features, in 2020. There’s an entire generation of people who were born, graduated college and are well into their IT careers, who may have no idea that this OS, introduced in October 1977 by Digital Equipment … Continue reading “Hewlett-Packard looks to end support for OpenVMS in 2020”


(via mit.edu) Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) was a mainframe timesharing operating system that began at MIT as a research project in 1965. It was an important influence on operating system development. … In order to preserve the ideas and innovations that made Multics so important in the development of computer systems, Bull HN … Continue reading “Multics”

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