OpenDDS 2.1.2

(via OpenDDS)

(23 March 2010) We are pleased to announce the release of OpenDDS version 2.1.2!

  • This is a bugfix release to account for issues introduced by the previous version.
  • Various bugfixes for locking issues during sample removal.
  • Fixed a bug in obtain_buffer() that did not return the TIMEOUT error code when max_blocking_time is 0 or a very small period.
  • Fixed a deadlock in the new IP multicast transport caused when data is received while a reliable session is handshaking.
  • Fixed an issue which caused spurious synch threads to be created for connectionless transports (i.e. UDP/IP, IP multicast).
  • Enhanced the experimental UDP/IP transport to support multiplexing samples to unique endpoints rather than unique entities.

See the Release Notes for details.

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