OpenDDS 2.3

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(18 February 2011) We are pleased to announce the release of OpenDDS version 2.3

  • First release of the OpenDDS Modeling SDK, a modeling tool that can be used by the application developer to define the required middleware components and data structures as a UML model and then generate the code to implement the model using OpenDDS. The generated code can then be compiled and linked with the application to provide seamless middleware support to the application. UML models are manipulated using a graphical editor based on Eclipse. See the OpenDDS Developer’s Guide for installation instructions.
  • DCPSInfoRepo no longer requires an -ORBSvcConf argument when using Built-In Topics. The DCPSInfoRepo process will take care of loading SimpleTCP (if it’s not already loaded).
  • Fixed method signature of DataWriter::register_instance_w_timestamp() to have two arguments per the latest spec, not three.
  • “make install” is now available on platforms using GNU Make and when building with OCI TAO 1.6a or DOC Group TAO. Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (vc10).

See the Release Notes for details.

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