OpenDDS Version 1.2 Released

(via OpenDDS)

  • Java Bindings for OpenDDS
  • Added the ability for using multiple repositories to provide redundant service metadata management
  • Implemented the WaitSet, GuardCondition, and StatusCondition interfaces from the OMG DDS specification
  • Implemented DomainParticipant::get_current_time() from formal/07-01-01
  • Removed requirement for repository domain specification files
  • Internal service Entity identifiers have been expanded to 128 bits
  • changes
  • DCPSInfoRepo changes
  • Fixed bug in DCPSInfoRepo that did not re-evaluate the compatibility and associations when QoS change is made
  • Fixed bugs that affected connection establishment
  • Added datalink_release_delay and removed keep_link configuration
  • Fixed a potential deadlock in reliable multicast transport

See the Release Notes for details.

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