OpenDDS 2.1.3

(via OpenDDS)

(18 June 2010) We are pleased to announce the release of OpenDDS version 2.1.3!

  • Various fixes for memory management issue on transport framework.
  • Fixed duplicate message issue caused by a lost link.
  • Memory leak fixes.
  • Fixed deadlocks on reliable multicast transport during association and shutdown periods.
  • Improved reliable multicast transport and reduced nak overflow.
  • Extended the capabilities of the OpenDDS-Bench performance test framework. This consists mostly of expanded pre-configured tests as well as additional execution and plotting scripts. The user guide at performance-tests/Bench/doc/user_guide.html contains the details.
  • Masked interrupts in threads created by OpenDDS to avoid failures while in system calls. Example:

    ERROR: ACE::handle_write_ready return -1 while waiting to unclog. handle_write_ready: Interrupted system call

  • Added support to set the TTL for multicast transports.

See the Release Notes for details.

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