Matrix Template Library

While rewriting some data analysis software I developed many years ago (the original was written in K & R C, the new version will be written in C++), I stumbled upon The Matrix Template Library (MTL). MTL is a library that provides comprehensive linear algebra functionality for a wide variety of matrix formats.

I was researching ways to implement my own matrix template library when I found MTL. After checking it out, I’m thinking of just using MTL since it’s more than adequate for my present needs and the support for a wide variety of matrix formats might be useful for future projects.

The only drawback I see is MTL hasn’t been updated in about three years.

One thought on “Matrix Template Library”

  1. I also found MTL to be of interest to the community in general. I am still searching the web for a supported version of MTL. It seems the original developers have stopped responding to emails. There is no activity on the web site as you mentioned…

    Anything new since you found MTL?

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