Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking in /pathto/file.php on line XX

Apparently VeoWeb.Net1 upgraded PHP. This introduced a bug (feature?) which caused the above warning to be displayed even though the php script appears to work correctly.

Here’s the solution:

The offending line looks something like this:
include($URL) ;

Replacing it with this:
@include($URL) ;

fixes this problem.

  1. Now defunct.

3 thoughts on “Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking in /pathto/file.php on line XX”

  1. Hi, having a similar problem. But, to let you know, the at (@) sign doesn’t fix the problem, @ just simply quiets the warning. So, it’s still there, it’s just not telling you about it anymore. 🙂

  2. I treid it with the @ and it doesn’t fix the problem! I also tried to change the inclusion from getting a http:// into a local file /http/home/www …
    Nothing helps.
    Still this error on my site 🙁

  3. Thanks a ton rlrr, I was freaking out because of those stupid errors… I checked my coding and everything, I wasn’t sure what exactly was going wrong… The whole @ thing works… It may not fix the problem but it does hide the error messages, which is enough to please me.

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