Fortran vs. Algol

I recently stumbled upon Google Trends. I though it might be interesting to compare the search volume for the first two computer languages I learned: Fortran vs. Algol

- fortran    - algol

Fortran vs. Algol

The results are not too surprising, since Fortran is still widely used by scientists and engineers. Algol, which, according to The Retrocomputing Museum, is “the common ancestor of C, Pascal, Algol-68, Modula, Ada, and most other conventional languages that aren’t BASIC, FORTRAN, or COBOL,” isn’t used as much anymore.

3 thoughts on “Fortran vs. Algol”

  1. Good Gawd…and i *thought* I ever had a chance as tech-No-dweeb to catch up one of these days…YIKES!

    I haven’t a clue what this is about…*sigh*

    Just have to leave this techie stuff to all them Wizards out there on the Internets.

  2. I learned Cobol over 20 years ago (showing my age), but have never used it since. Of course, Cobol’s linear structure, while straightforward and easy to understand, has completely gone out of favor as well, due to OOP. I think I’ll stick to web-friendly programming. 😉

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