C++ functions to convert between decimal degrees and degrees, minutes, and seconds

Back when I was developing shiphandling simulator software, I ran into situations where it was necessary to convert decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, and seconds (for example, nautical types like to express latitude/longitude using degrees, minutes, and seconds while computers prefer decimal degrees).

Here's some C++ functions which handle the conversion between these two formats:

std::string DMS::DegreesMinutesSeconds(double ang,
                                       unsigned int num_dec_places = 2)
std::string DMS::DegreesMinutesSecondsLat(double ang,
                                          unsigned int num_dec_places = 2)
std::string DMS::DegreesMinutesSecondsLon(double ang,
                                          unsigned int num_dec_places = 2)

double DMS::DecimalDegrees(const std::string& dms)

These are inline functions defined in the header file, dms.h:


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