OpenDDS 2.2

(via OpenDDS) (17 August 2010) We are pleased to announce the release of OpenDDS version 2.2! Completed the implementation of the Content-Subscription Profile (which was begun in version 1.3 of OpenDDS). This includes: QueryCondition (previously OpenDDS had a partial implementation) ContentFilteredTopic MultiTopic The content-subscription profile can be disabled at compile-time in order to reduce footprint: … Continue reading “OpenDDS 2.2”

OpenDDS 2.1.3

(via OpenDDS) (18 June 2010) We are pleased to announce the release of OpenDDS version 2.1.3! Various fixes for memory management issue on transport framework. Fixed duplicate message issue caused by a lost link. Memory leak fixes. Fixed deadlocks on reliable multicast transport during association and shutdown periods. Improved reliable multicast transport and reduced nak … Continue reading “OpenDDS 2.1.3”

OpenDDS 2.1

(via OpenDDS) (5 February 2010) We are pleased to announce the release of OpenDDS version 2.1! The OpenDDS-Bench performance testing framework has been enhanced to include support for user-submitted performance results. A new monitor library introduces an instrumentation mechanism for reporting OpenDDS runtime information. A new instrumentation application is available to view executing OpenDDS service … Continue reading “OpenDDS 2.1”

It Proved Just Too Difficult

(via an email discussion) VC8 compiler: definition mis-interpreted as a function declaration Posted by Microsoft on 2/6/2007 at 10:06 AM Basically this is a known problem with Visual C++ – we just don’t handle this style of initialization when pointers are involved. I have looked at this issue a couple of times and have always … Continue reading “It Proved Just Too Difficult”

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